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Softwox is an excellent Softeners, have a special Fragrance .The carbon chain easily dispersed, and helpful to the glue viscosity, dispersion help the agent.


1. No Oder
2. Small Dosage
3. Easily Mixing
4. Help in high Tensile and Elongation
5. Good Physical & Mechanical Properties.
6. Environment Friendly


1. Specific gravity (a204) = 351-450
2. Volatile Compound ,% = 1.01-1.06
3. Ash content, % = 5.50
4. Water content (V/W) = 0.50
5. Acidity (0Acetic acid). % = 0.30
6. Mechanical Admixture,% = 351-450

Packing detail:-

Iron Barrel of 200kg each.

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Butyl Reclaim Rubber

Alstrong produces Butyl Reclaim Rubber from old used scrape of Butyl Tube with well equipped production machinery & Modern Laboratory.

Possible sources of scrap butyl tubes include:

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Natural Reclaim Rubber

Whole Tyre Reclaim Product profile (Grades) Alstrong 112 Medium Reclaim Rubber,

Source : Whole tyre scrap

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