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RWOX Reclaiming Agent

Rwox Rubber Reclaiming Agent is more steady & high penetrability in the de-vulcanization process of rubber recycling industry.

Rwox reclaiming agent with the help of all processing parameters gives outstanding results in term of tensile strength, elongation and modulus.


1. Fast De-vulcanization
2. Improves plasticity
3. Improves viscosity
4. Reduces power
5. Reduces energy cost
6. Low injection quantity/Dosage
7. Increase tensile Strength, Elongation & Modulus


1. Dynamic viscosity (350C) Pcs = 20-28
2. Total Sulphur content = Min 12%
3. Free Sulphur = Min 1.5%
4. Appearance = Light yellow, Sticky paste.
5. Oder = Lower Oder.

Packing detail:-

1. 20 Plastic bottle packing of 1 kg each in 1 cartoon box.
2. Iron barrel of 190 kg each.

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